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Massence Music Group
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Artist Development & Record Label,
driven by artists, producers and fans.
A fresh approach to the music industry

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How we see the world of music

In order to engage an audience nowadays we believe it is imperative to not only release your tracks, but also to enjoy the ride. This means that a record label, which can take the load of you, supports you in producing your music, release your tracks and handle the much needed marketing and positioning while making sure your music remains yours is essential.

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Massence Music Group is so much more than "just" a record label.

Our core competencies can be summed up as follows,

Music releases, with the appropriate marketing and promotional support

Artist support & development which includes, yet not limited to, artist branding, marketing and promotion in order to establish a lasting career in the music industry

Producer coaching, collaboration with songwriters, co creation of music

Artist management which also includes bookings through our ICONICHIFI brand

Publishing and Sync services

"One of our greatest joys is working with artists and helping them craft their talents into a more polished product and help guide them in a direction that is fitting for their style of music and commitment level."

Meet some of our team

In early 2019 Massence Music Group was founded by a team of artists, producers and business people that incorporate a wide variety of competencies. In music making, marketing, releasing, visuals and pure entrepreneurship.

We met through ways of similar interest, coaching, supporting each other and eventually figured out we all had the same challenge, releasing music the way we feel it has to be released, without any boundaries defined by others. The most important virtue we have in common is passion, passion for people and passion for the product we deliver!

Entering our natural habitat.

Massence Records team has a life long experience in producing music, having worked with some of the best artists in the world, and constantly expanding its footprint in the world of music. Massence Records works with a network consisting of outstanding producers, artists, DJ's, all passionate about delivering top notch productions. Interested in entering our habitat of topnotch people? Contact us and show of your skills.

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Become Massive

and Essential

to the artists and

fans we support.

Job opportunities

We are always keen to meet energized, creative and fun people. And quite often we are looking for extra help. So, are you in for an extraordinary experience? Don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail!

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Best way to submit demo music?

Go to, create an account and submit your demo

How can we meet?

If an A&R rep recommends your music, our team will guide you from that point on

What kind of artist is Massence Music Group looking for?

We look for stand out new artists that are charismatic, hardworking, and unique. Its preferable to work with artists who are songwriters and collaborators, but absolutely vital that they have a vision for their future and are 100% committed to music

What kind of songwriters and producers are we looking for?

We are always looking for new songwriters and producers that are hardworking, unique, and great collaborators. For songwriters, clever lyrics, original concepts, and infectious melodies. For producers, innovative sounds that feel like what’s next. We prefer to set trends and not chase them

What kind of songs are we looking for?

Many of our artists write their own songs but we’re always looking for great songs whether for placement or as examples of ability to potential collaborators. We look for memorable melodies, clever lyrics, and all types of sticky hooks that make songs unforgettable

Can you give me feedback on my songs?

This is something we’re happy to do for our signed writers, producers, and frequent collaborators. It is not something we are able to provide to everyone who sends in material. Our suggestion is to make sure you have a manager or collaborator that can give you this feedback and challenge you with specific critiques

Can I remix any of your previously released songs?

Send past remix work and your request to and someone from our team will respond if there’s an opportunity

Massence Records B.V. & Massence Records Inc.
Vestdijk 62
5611CE Eindhoven (HQ)
the Netherlands

Hogehilweg 5
1101CA Amsterdam
the Netherlands

11523 Palmbrush Trail Suite 311
Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34202
+31 (0)40 2028773
We operate globally as your listeners are everywhere

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For Artists

MASSENCE MUSIC GROUP looks for stand out new artists that are charismatic hardworking, and unique. Its preferable to work with artists who are songwriters and collaborators, but absolutely vital that they have a vision for their future and are 100% committed to music. to help you live the dream and to reach that next level of fame. From coaching, release support,marketing, production and distribution, end to end.

Ready to jump?

Whether you are pure talent or an established artist, contact us, and see whether we can team up. We enhance your career by working with you. If needed, we have the people to co-write and co-produce. Till the moment you are ready for making the big splash, and beyond.


Massence is made up of a diversity of people and so is our musical taste and our fans, we support a wide range of musical diversity.

Check out our music!

Our roster of artists is growing and so are the tracks released. Keep checking in or sign up for our mailinglist. And as a ambitious label you can imagine that we have a lot of tracks to be released soon!

Do you have it?

Don't hesitate and reach out to us Worst which can happen is we are not a match.... But our promise is to talk to you and not to ignore you No guts, no glory.